Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kristin Davis - Sex and the City Vampiress

Kristin Davis is a vampire with fangs.
Kristin Davis has long been a favorite of mine and is by far the prettiest of the four women from the (cancelled) HBO series Sex and the City. She's aging so much better than the other women on that show, she still looks cute and sexy at 45. If I were the programming executive at HBO, Trueblood would never have been made (their fangs are all wrong, anyway) and Kristin would star in a remake of Sex and the City except she would be the vampire mistress commanding a coven of beautiful and vivacious NYC vampire ladies. If I had my way, this would be the listing in the weekly cable guide:

  • Fall in love all over again with the new girls of Sex and the City Vampires. Charlotte York is back again as the straight-laced eternal optimist only this time she's out for blood! Now as the owner of an art gallery, watch as she leads her crew of three young, desirable, virtually inseparable New York vampire girls into the high-stakes New York art world. Her obedient employees include Anne Hathaway as the aspiring investigative journalist intent to use her vampire powers to get the best stories and expose the truth; AnnaLynne McCord as the tightly-wound Connecticut cousin determined to substitute and control her bloodlust with power and money; and Selena Gomez as the college intern with the heart of gold, unless she's hungry that is!
Incidentally, the above photo of Kristin is from about the mid-1990's, about the time a certain set of pics were taken that recently hit the interwebs (link NSFW).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison is a vampire with fangs.
Jennifer Morrison is sporting some recent puncture wounds in her neck and some fabulous fangs.

This actress was unkown to me until I saw her as Kirk's mother in the latest Star Trek film and became impressed with her even more after doing a little googling. Besides making a very pretty vampire, she's educated and accomplished in her field; these are qualities that make any more woman attractive, especially an undead lady of the night.

I also wanted to mention I would like to try a little experiment; for a short while I'm welcoming pictures of your pretty women friends whom would look even better as a vampire (but then again, what woman doesn't?) The pictures must be large format (1280x1084 or larger) of an attractive woman over 18-years old. The pic must be a tight closeup of the face with good lighting and a nice smile...I can't put fangs on her if I can't see her teeth. Please peruse the other pics on this site for examples of the picture types I can work with. I'm not promising anything...time and other considerations may prevent me from vampirizing anyone. All I can say is I'll handle the pics with care and respect and do my best should I give her the vampire treatment.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Anne Hathaway - Vampire Muse

Anne Hathaway with fangs.
Anne Hathaway is getting more beautiful each year. She makes a very pretty vampire