Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison is a vampire with fangs.
Jennifer Morrison is sporting some recent puncture wounds in her neck and some fabulous fangs.

This actress was unkown to me until I saw her as Kirk's mother in the latest Star Trek film and became impressed with her even more after doing a little googling. Besides making a very pretty vampire, she's educated and accomplished in her field; these are qualities that make any more woman attractive, especially an undead lady of the night.

I also wanted to mention I would like to try a little experiment; for a short while I'm welcoming pictures of your pretty women friends whom would look even better as a vampire (but then again, what woman doesn't?) The pictures must be large format (1280x1084 or larger) of an attractive woman over 18-years old. The pic must be a tight closeup of the face with good lighting and a nice smile...I can't put fangs on her if I can't see her teeth. Please peruse the other pics on this site for examples of the picture types I can work with. I'm not promising anything...time and other considerations may prevent me from vampirizing anyone. All I can say is I'll handle the pics with care and respect and do my best should I give her the vampire treatment.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Anne Hathaway - Vampire Muse

Anne Hathaway with fangs.
Anne Hathaway is getting more beautiful each year. She makes a very pretty vampire