Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fang Favorite - Erica Cerra

Courtney isn't the name one usually associates with a vampiress. Something like Marishka, or Verona...now there's two names you would never question should the subject of vampires arise in casual conversation. You went to school with Courtney. She's nice and has pretty hair and lots of friends.

Except this Courtney has fangs, too. Relative-unknown actress Erica Cerra played a vampire sorority sister in a Halloween episode of the TV series Superman. Now, I can almost hear what you're going to say - there's nothing quite so predictably cheesy than vampire sorority sisters. The sisters usually end up looking like slightly weathered strippers in an unchallenging acting gig between trips to the pole. Tacky lingerie that almost certainly came from the Frederick's of Hollywood mail order catalog does not necessarily make sexy. But Superman is a big-budget show with real actors and writers. Who else could entwine Superman, Halloween and hot sorority vampire chicks into one cohesive story?

It's a funny quirk about many vampire shows that the chicks with fangs who are acting extras often turn out to be hotter than the stars themselves. This is not as true with Kristin Kreuk, whom is one of the shows' stars and an amazingly beautiful women (even without being turned into a vampiress, but that's the subject for another post) but I really took a liking to Erica/Courtney.

I'm partial to the preppy look. Maybe it was the pastel-colored clothing and sensible flats that did it for me. Or perhaps when she wore that flowery bikini and bit the pizza delivery boy, or restrained Kirstin while the sorority president vampirized her, or even that last passing flash of fangs in that everyday girl-next-door skirt. I love it when the girl-next-door releases her inner-vampire.

In another quirk about Hollywood, some actresses have the great fortune to don the fangs several times in their careers while others never do (I'm still waiting for Nicole Kidman or Anne Hathaway to play a bride of Dracula.) Erica has played a vampire three times in her short career. She was a vampire wannabe in the first Blade movie, a lesbian vampire in the Showtime series The L-Word, and lastly in Smallville.

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Erica Cerra (left) checks out the pizza delivery boy.

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The girls lure pizza boy into a jacuzzi where Erica took the first bite.

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Erica holds Kristin as she gets vampirized.

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Nice money shot. But frankly, the chick on the left would do nothing for me not for her lovely canines.

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One of the last shots of the girls. If you look closely, you can see a few scant pixels of Erica's fangs.

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swish said...

Great blog. I saw this vampire episode and I loved it. I think we have the same taste in vampire women. I love when the girl next door becomes a vampire. There is a movie that may interest you. I am not sure if you have seen it at all but it's not a bad b-movie. It's called "Blood Sisters" and it follows pretty much the same story as the episode (vampire sorority). Thanks for the screencaps. I love the one with Erica and the other girl smiling.