Sunday, March 23, 2008

Random, Obscure Hot Vampire Chick

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usIt's the girl on the right - she's infatuated me since I first saw this pic. I scanned it from an issue of Fangoria, or some such horror pulp mag from about 1995, or so. The accompanying story was about the women of the old, venerated hammer Horror Studios (that would be one of them on the left) and this small pic of anonymous hotties with fangs was stuck next to it like some teaser.

I don't know much about the machinations of Hollywood, but I think this was some sort of publicity event that attracts would-be actresses, publicity reps, and other industry-types. Would she be an aspiring actress, or maybe a production assistant, or someone from the business-end of this event whom somehow, wonderfully decided she should attend an event with a lovely set of fangs? She looks young, stylish and exotic; in an image-obsessed industry she probably knows her looks could get her far if she plays the game, even if she's not an actress. A fuzzy dress, strap provocitively off the shoulder, knows how to get in the she part asian? Maybe part African-American? Hard to tell.

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