Friday, April 11, 2008

Pretty, Smart, Geena Davis

Geena Davis without fangsGeena Davis with fangs
A long time ago, Geena Davis reserved a secure place in that special part of my mind reserved for fantasy. I'm partial to tall, statuesque, intelligent women with pretty faces, large breasts and of course, fangs. Geena is 6-feet tall, a member of the high-IQ society Mensa, a former Victoria Secret model and once played a vampiress in the 1985 movie "Transylvania 6-5000" where she wore an outfit that was simultaneously cute, vampiric, and incredibly sexy. She was also nominated for Best Actress, amazingly - not for the time she wore fangs but for some other movie, whatever that one was...not important. She wasn't a vampire in that one.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it is great that you are posting frequently here I enjoy the thoughts that you share. Thanks for the clue-in on the Port Charles clips. Those two are winners and somewhat in the spirit of the Hammer clasics. Be well.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I hate it when that happens to me. Vampires are like stray cats. Lurking and feeding. You just can't get rid of them.

Nelson said...

Yeah, I wish all the girls next door would sprout fangs and have sex with me. But... then I'd have to kill myself before my wife got to me. LOL!

As far as Geena Davis, I have always liked her from the first time I saw her in Family Ties.