Sunday, March 18, 2012

How Imogen Poots Should Have Looked in "Fright Night"

Pretty actress Imogen Poots with vampire fangs
Talented young actress Imogen Poots reprised the role of Amy Peterson in the recent disappointing remake of the movie Fright Night. My contention that the original Amy (actress Amanda Bearse) gave one of the best female vampire performances ever put on film seems to have fallen on deaf ears, because this time Imogen's portrayal had very few of the nuanced elements that made Amanda Bearse's so great.

Imogen's Amy was instead relegated to the secondary role as the typical damsel in distress while providing none of the gravitas that Amanda Bearse's portrayal did. There was none of the extended, tortuous transformation we saw the original Amy go through that added so much to the story. In practically the blink of an eye the new Amy was all of a sudden the vampire's bitch - not sexy at all. Not sexy either was Imogen's horrible (and I mean that in a bad way) teeth, I can't even properly call them vampire fangs. It looked like a dentist's nightmare of snaggled mess.

So instead I present The Pretty Vampire version of Imogen Poots; recent bite marks on her neck to indicate freshness, demon eyes showing she's on the prowl, a nice set of canine fangs (because that's the way it's done), and a nice, feminine top (because she's a lady).

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