Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pretty. Short hair.

There are probably practical reasons beyond fashion why actresses choose a certain hairstyle. The wrong length and it might preclude them from getting a given part. Younger actresses seem to tend toward long, while older seem to favor shorter but still aim to look classically feminine. It's perhaps for that reason there are few actresses with very short hair. Or vampiresses, for that matter.

I know of only one, and I actually forgot the name of both the movie and the actress! It was something like Vampire's Embrace, but definitely not the Alyssa Milano lesbian-kiss movie, which incidentally was barely a vampire movie at all. This one starred a little known actress whom I believe was featured in several soft-porn movies, of which this was one. I think women have to be very pretty to pull off short hair, and that she was.

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This is our unnamed heroine.

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I was never crazy about her albino-blue eyes, though.

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Two of my all-time favorite pics.

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The story involved a dancer whom was the object of the vampiresses' boyfriend. The vampiress seduced her, vampirized her, and tricked her into feeding on a friend.

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She has longer hair. She was none too happy when she found out about the ruse.


Anonymous said...

can any one tell the name of this movie

PK said...

Movie title is "Embrace the Darkness." The actress name is Angelina High. It is a Playboy movie production. Unfortunately Angelina does not appear in the two sequels.